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{R}AKE is Presented by:
Vortex and Adam Kendall

{Call for Participation}
What is {R}AKE
{R}ake is a performance series of alternative and collaborative electro-acoustic music and video. Performances range from pure improvisation to more structured pieces, with videoists and musicians working together in exploratory ways.

{R}ake normally runs every other month in Brooklyn, NYC, but is currently happening less regularly.

We present soloists, duos, and sometimes trios (space limitations usually make larger groups a problem).
What is {R}AKE Looking For? 
{R}ake wants to meet new artists as we schedule our shows over the next year.

We're looking for:
  • Performative videoists and electro-acoustic/electronic musicians who already work together
  • Individual videoists and musicians who we pair-up (the artists decide if they want to improvise or prepare a piece)
We present improvised, composed or rules-based pieces as long as they're live.

Space is usually limited, so performers cannot have a large footprint.

We're looking for videoists:
  • Using various techniques in a live setting
  • Interested in working with live musicians
  • Working only with video or who incorporate other mediums (a dancer, film, found objects, etc.) as long as performative video is the dominant component
  • Interested in treating music as an equal partner
We're looking for electro-acoustic or electronic musicians:
  • Using various techniques in a live setting
  • Interested in working with live videoists
  • Interested in treating video as an equal partner
We do not screen or play pre-recorded pieces.
{R}AKE In Action 
{R}ake takes place at various venues in New York City, typically in Brooklyn.

We usually book three acts per night, each having 25 minutes.

Our technical infrastructure (such as single-channel vs. multi-channel projections, state of the audio system, etc.) is dependent on the venue in which the show takes place.
Welcome to unfunded NYC arts events. We provide no compensation except a cut of the door. Depending on attendance and the number of performers, it can be as little as $5. Best it's ever been is $25. Food or drink credits are dependent on the venue in which the show takes place.
All contact is via

We accept submissions on a rolling basis.

Send us a short email:
  • Indicate if you're submitting for yourself or for a duo/trio
  • Indicate if you're a videoist, a musician or both
  • Describe what you do. A couple of sentences is fine.
  • Include a simple, direct link to something you want us to check out (we need to see or hear what you do)
No email attachments!

We typically book a month or two in advance, so we may not contact you for a while. (We will acknowledge all submissions.)